Thursday, July 28, 2016

More Compost and a brief 4K Video Test

19 Days of Compost featuring Tomatoes, Carrot Tops, Corn Husks and Mushrooms. It's interesting to see so many mushroom caps growing up within the compost. For some reason I had assumed these would only be featured above in the sun light. Mushrooms don't photosynthesize, so that assumption was a poor one....

The scanner has been running this entire time at 300 DPI, which gives me an image width of approximately 2550 pixels (8.5" * 300 pixels per inch). The 4K UHD standard is 3840 pixels wide, and I'd love to see a video like the one above done at 4k. So I've upped the scanning resolution to 600 DPI, and will capture that for hopefully a few weeks. A 3 second test of that can be seen here:

Unfortunately, I don't have a display capable of 4k. Hopefully this is setup properly!