Various resources on soil / plants / hardware that I have either used as a reference, or am looking to possibly use.

Books (check your library!)
The World Beneath our Feet, by James B. Nardi
What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz
Know Soil Know Life, by David L. Lindbo, Deb A. Kozlowski, and Clay Robinson

Much of the information below is no longer current. I cover in detail how to make a SoilCam here.

If you are new to the world of computers, you might want to see if there is a local maker/hackerspace near you.

Similar Projects
    Flat-Bed Scanner Rhizotrons for Demonstrating Root Development 
    Soil Cameras of another sort (from 1992)

Equipment I'm using:
    $39.95 Raspberry Pi Model B
    $50 - $100 Canon Lide 200 Scanner

Equipment I'm looking to try using:
    $4.95 Moisture Sensor
    $49.95 Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Possible MicroScope / Camera Options

Software (free software listed)
SANE  Scanimage - Software used to automate image capture
AVConv - used to compile image into video
Imagemagick - Used to crop/resize/timestamp images
Rootfly - Image analysis software used to track roots. Have not used this yet!
RootEdge - Older DOS based program for measuring washed roots on a scanner.

VueScan is a Scanning Program that is not free, but may be easier to use than SANE/ScanImage

Soil Stories
Soil Sample Drilling
Soil/Decomposition Playlist (Auto generated by YouTube/Google)
Soil Camera 1965?

Educational Resources
Soils 4 Teachers

International Year of Soil
"On 24 April 2013 at the 146 FAO Council, FAO member Countries endorsed the request from the Kingdom of Thailand in the framework of the GSP for the proclamation of the International Year of Soils 2015."

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