Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July Compost Bin!

The full video of July's compost bin can be seen below. I don't think we've ever had any sort of schedule for turning the compost, but now that I can see it I've started turning when the bulk of it is a delicious brown color...  I should read up on composting...

Mushroom caps seem to pop up regularly a week or two after the turning, but I turn the compost too quickly to see what might be feeding upon the mushrooms/hyphae. Fungus being one of the most important decomposers in our world, I'm curious to see what feeds upon it. It took me a moment to remember that we (humans) are one of those creatures, though I won't be capturing that image with a buried scanner any time soon. Apparently some forms of fungus feast upon other fungus, another example of just how amazing fungus is.

I'm still scanning at 600 DPI which gets me super excited to see what new things can be seen that weren't before.  I'm a little less excited by the data storage requirements...  If all goes well in a few days I should have a week of scrolling footage at 4k : ) Anyhow, last month's video at 768 horizontal pixels:

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