Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Following the Roots

Taking footage that's already been recorded, but focusing on the growth of roots. This view is zoomed in, and we're exceeding the resolution the images were captured, hence the blur.

If the purpose is to track root growth, I could have set the scanning resolution to be significantly higher to enable much clearer and closer looking footage. The downside would be that faster moving (nematodes, arthropods, etc.) would appear blurry as the scanning head moved across them.

Future options:
 - Running two scans at different resolutions would resolve that issue.
 - Find a scanner that can scan quicker at a higher resolution
 - - How fast does it need to run to keep most things in focus?
 - - How often does one need to take a picture to more intuitively pick up the path of a nematode?
 - - One minute image captures on a buried webcam seemed adequate.
 - - Six minute image captures on the scanner is inadequate.

Why are the roots growing into the earth? Mmmmmm gravitropism ftw! Why do the roots stop growing? The Radish roots (at top) I believe had their tops devoured by an animal, as no radishes were every found when checked ~3 weeks in. I'm not sure what the roots are coming from in the bottom video.

I learned of the software RootFly, but haven't tried using it yet as it's windows based. I'm currently doing most of this on a Raspberry Pi (Linux) and Mac (OSX).

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