Monday, December 22, 2014

5 Months, Secondary Root Growth, and Things Moving Up

Compiled video for the last five months (see below). Brief notes of interest:

1. Secondary Root Growth. Around Sept. 21st there is a burst of root growth extending out from many of the existing roots. This lasts for about two weeks before settling down. Nearly all of the easily visible roots exhibit the same behavior at the same time. Neat! I'm assuming they are all coming from the same plant. What changed took place that enabled this process to happen? Temperature, sunlight change, moisture?

2. Underground Plant Growth. Plants generally start their life below ground, running their roots/radicles down, and their shoots/hypocotyl towards the sky. It's strange for me to see the upward growth below ground. At the 43s mark of this video you can see this happening. That behavior isn't abnormal, but it's growth I'm normally used to seeing only when a plant emerges above the earth. I mistakenly assume everything below ground is a root : )

43 seconds in the linked video puts us at late October with the growth continuing through November. With an average temperature of 34°F / 1°C, I have a hard time believing whatever sprouts above ground will survive long?

If this setup continues to survive, what other growth will we see as the temperature stays below freezing? It's about time I started measuring the soil temp!

~5 Months played back at ~10 seconds/month. 
See below for playback of 1 second/month.

~5 Months played back at ~1 second/month.  

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