Sunday, June 28, 2015

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Weekly videos are now being posted to this playlist on youtube.

Talking with George Albercook and Greg Austic got me wondering (in very rough) terms how the natively captured scanned images compare with a camera.

Scan DPI: 600
Physical Area: ~11.7x8.5"

Equivalent to a 35 megapixel camera. Pew pew megapixels! Unfortunately, the videos being posted are processed down to ~1920x1080.

It would be interesting to see the timelapse at 4k on an appropriate monitor, but it's more interesting to start looking closer.  Since we're capturing the images at a higher res than being displayed, we can crop out a 1920x1080 section of the native res image and turn that into a video. Here's what that looks like over the course of a week:

The video above is of a ~3.2" x 1.8" splice of the earth. One week = 604800 seconds. This plays back in ~66 seconds. Life at ~9163x!

The scanner being used can capture images at 2400 DPI, and scanners that can capture at 9600 DPI aren't terribly expensive (though they do get bulkier). Capturing a full image at that res is probably too much for the Raspberry Pi to handle, and the storage space would be excrutiating. 

But capturing even a square inch of space at that DPI would be fascinating, and I think doable : ) 

For now, I wonder what square inch would be most interesting to capture at 2400DPI?

Also, latest images are being posted at the "Latest Image" tab above. Approximately ~10 minute delay.

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