Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rain vs. Image Brightness over 30 Days

A quick comparison of rain fall vs. brightness of the soil over the past 30 days. The numbers on the left represent inches of rainfall on a given day and are associated with the green lines. It's neat seeing the two largest points of rainfall corresponding to a change in the soil brightness (blue line).

Started experimenting with the compare tool of ImageMagick. Using this scanner has some interesting problems. It doesn't always start and stop at the same point. Doing a comparison between two images when they are shifted up or down a couple millimeters seems to throw the compare tool off quite a bit. Using the fuzz option so it ignores that level of change is probably enough to cause it to ignore most of the other small movements.

These small movements being that of bugs. It would be fascinating to quantify some level of movement / change influenced by the number of bugs crawling around. In order to do so I think I first need a stable image. Whether that means using a different scanner, correcting the start/stop position change, or correcting for by identifying one or two points to crop the images at. I'm not sure, or maybe something else.

Either way, this is awesome, and you should probably go hug a bug. Or at least listen to an amazing radio show named just that : )

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