Monday, August 4, 2014

Video editing, germination, root growth and for loops!

Adobe After Effects v7.0 doesn't have native support for Intel hardware. It works, but supposedly has limitations on available RAM.

Using a for loop and the linux software imagemagick (convert) to crop a specific region out of a series of images and save with a new file name. This was done to focus on the area of a germinating radish seed.

Using a script to include an hour timer within Adobe After Effects. This was used to show the time elapsed in the first 58 hours of the germinating seed.

Plant life:
Germination is the process of a plant growing from a seed. A Radish seed is considered to be a dicot, meaning the embryo will have two cotyledons, aka two leaves arising from the seed.

It took approximately 13 hours after planting the seed for a visible change to occur within our view. This may have happened sooner, but we can't easily see the whole seed with this setup. It's possible it started much earlier in non visible area.

The video above shows a 1cm grid overlay, at hour:
13 = Seed bulges
24 = White of root barely visible on the top side of the seed
31 = White of root barely visible below the seed
39 to 48 = 1cm of root growth
48 to 54 = 1cm of root growth
53 = A second root is seen growing.

If we measure the root growth from the 39th to 54th hour, we have it growing at roughly 1cm p/7.5 hours. Woohoo!

There are numerous other time lapse videos of radish growth, very cool! All of the ones I have seen show the plants in containers of some sort, or above the ground. The video above is taken from the ground, the container being the earth. 

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